We are looking for

  • companies / entrepreneurs / start-ups
  • administrations in cities and governments
  • city planners and developers
  • architects
  • researchers
  • artists
  • communities

who aim for solutions to reduce the negative effects climate change has on our cities and create more healthy and cleaner “cities as biospheres”. If this is YOU, then you are the right person / organisation to participate in our lab.

Here are a few examples of what we are looking for – there are many more out there:

  • companies which offer alternative materials such as e.g. traditional bricks
  • tech companies who offer SMART technologies e.g. sensors
  • architects who are specialised e.g. on water management
  • research institution who work e.g. on alternative energy
  • city planners/developers/administration who have practical experiences with such solutions
  • artists who are e.g. at the forefront of working with new materials
  • city communities who e.g. run community gardens or parks


If you want to apply please follow this link.

If you want to sponsor the lab, please go here.

For any further questions please send an email to: ulrike (at) ulrikereinhard (dot) com