cities as biosphere is a 2-week-residency-program.

It will take place in November 2024 at a Fazenda, up in the hills of Minas Gerais Brazil.

We bring together artists, architects, city planner and developers, law makers, entrepreneurs and citizens. We believe that the mix of this diverse group of people will trigger new thoughts and approaches how we can “treat” our cities and the nature in it in a less harmful way for the planet.

Artists think different than architects and/or entrepreneurs do. Citizens think different from administrations. We need EVERYONE to turn around our planet’s future. It is high time as many scientific studies tell us.

We want to break the pattern of the USUAL and create new paths.

Our Goal

With an unconventional approach (= art-driven and with an open design thinking process) we want to find solutions which function within our planetary boundaries and improve air quality and many other components of climate change in our cities and create “cities as biospheres”.

Thereby we focus on existing buildings / architecture.


Applications will open in February 2024. Anyone who has an idea/project can apply. No matter if you are a citizen, a company, an NGO, a research institution, a city planner or developer, or if you work in the administartion. All of you are WELCOME.

Please read carefully our guidelines for application.

The Process

During these two weeks the participants can work on their ideas/projects. Collaboration among the team members is wanted. It is no must though. If you feel you need to adjust your idea/project – please feel free to do so, as we all move on. You don’t necessarily stick to your original idea. We support the participants with technical advise and practical tools/help if required.

It is a very open process; every evening after our common dinner we will have a circle time. Each participant shares his/her experiences during the day freely and openly. This is the forum to share and discuss the way forward.

The process is the following: